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I'm Rachel

Photo of Rachel standing in her workshop.

In a world full of clutter and chaos, I'm drawn to simplicity and beauty. 


As an artist, graphic designer and interior architect, creativity has infused every aspect of my life. And in wood whittling, I’ve found my ultimate creative fix.


Like most love affairs, it took me by surprise. I didn’t pick up a carving knife and expect to find love, but I’m now deeply committed. 


Carving is a creative act, centred in mindfulness. 

Creating objects from the wood around us is a human pursuit as old as time.


Something about holding a piece of wood, slowly shaping it, and looking for the stories it contains, is instinctive. 

I take inspiration from simple lines and Scandinavian designs. 

Using mainly salvaged timbers and natural finishes, I make pieces that delight the senses. Beautiful to touch and hold, infused with the smell of raw timbers, these are everyday objects beyond the ordinary. 


I’m forever seeking creative expression, and in winter, waiting for spring. 


I took up carving as an escape from the stress of our crazy world, and it wasn't long before I noticed just how much it enhanced my wellbeing. 


Just like swimming laps at the pool or walking in nature, carving is pure meditation in motion and at the end of each day, I can't wait to put down the computer mouse, pick up a knife and get whittling.


My greatest joy is sharing this with others. 

Which is why I now offer DIY carving kits and group workshop experiences. 


There are wonders in the wood waiting to be discovered. 


Will you join me? 

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