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Photo of Rachel (the wood carver) using sand paper to smooth the finish on a spoon she has hand carved.

The Wonder of Wood

Hand-crafted pieces to bring beauty to your every day. 

Slow made, forever enjoyed. 


Life is made of small moments. 

Delight in your daily rituals with a one-of-a-kind piece, made by me (or you).

Find Something Special

I specialise in hand-carved, Scandi-inspired pieces. Sleek lines and simple shapes, designed to be held and used (or framed and admired. You choose). 

One of Rachel's hand carved dry bud vases.
Two hand carved spoons by Rachel. Carved from White Beech
Small hand carved bird made from Tasmanian Blackwood timber.

Why Carving?

Creating tools and art from the wood around us is a human pursuit as old as time. Whittling away at a piece of wood is an act of creative potential. Here’s how it’s changed my life. 

Your Turn

Anyone can create something from wood by hand, even you. When was the last time you sat in stillness and let your creativity flow?

Rachel sells carving kits to use at home and this image shows the wooden blank spoon shape to be carved, along with the finished spoon, Japanese carving knife and spoon carving gouge.
A close up of Rachel Carving the wooden blank into a spoon.
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