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With Me

All my current workshops are being held at the fantastic creative space at Number 99 book your tickets here

Are you looking for a creative hobby? 

A chance to connect with yourself and be mindful? 

To find meaning?


Hand-carving wood is a moving meditation, and a way to find centred calm in this noisy world. 


Through working with wood, you can:


  • Carve out time for creativity and wonder in your world. 

  • Carve out time for yourself.

  • Carve out space to breathe. 

Your hands are made for more than scrolling and typing. 

Using simple tools and natural wood, you can tame the grain, reveal the shape, and marvel at what your hands can create.

Take your time. There’s no need to rush and there’s no deadline. 

Pick it up, put it down, come back to it when you feel the need. The wood (and the world) will wait.


Learn together.


Want to try your hand at wood carving?

I run regular workshops on the South Coast of NSW and in surrounding regions. Join a group class or book a private lesson for you and your friends. I can’t wait to guide you through the highly-rewarding skills of hand carving. 


Build your team.


Looking for a team building experience with a difference? Wood carving is something we can workshop together anywhere, with anyone. All we need are some simple tools and a bit of time and space.


Over the wood, conversation flows, connections are made, and creativity is unlocked. 

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